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Welcome to the home of the CWG!  Take a walk with us through Charleston’s gorgeous history.

The Charleston Walking Guild aspires to connect visitors with the history they came for — a history created through Charleston’s volatile journey of triumph and loss.  Let us bring history to life as you stroll with our city certified tour guides through the gorgeous city streets.  

The Charleston Walking Guild provides one of the finest walking experiences offered in Charleston. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide intimate group experiences with enthusiasm and a touch of the theatrical.

Our guides are the best of the best, these wonderful individuals believe in the city of Charleston and its beauty.  They aim to spread the knowledge that they have about our home with the many visitors we are privileged to meet.​

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Our Tours

Something for Everyone

 The Beauty Awaits

$25 per person

The Darkness Revealed

$25 per person

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"I'm going back to Charleston, where there is still a little grace and civility left in the world."

Rhett Butler


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