About Charleston Walking Guild

The Charleston Walking Guild was formed by a few friends sitting together reminiscing on the glorious history and energy of a city we love.  This company was built up to be a beacon of light to spread that feeling to newcomers and existing residents alike.  Our motto "We Seek to Inspire" rings true through everything we do here at CWG. Every day we are reminded of the strength and camaraderie of our city, won't you join us for a walk to learn about it?



Owner & Head Tour Guide

Dustin was born on the Charleston peninsula in 1987, but at the age of two, before he could verbally protest, his parents moved him to a famous place called Sumter, SC. (Not to be confused with Fort Sumter)

In 2006, he escaped Sumter and attended the College of Charleston. He began the path to becoming a tour guide in 2009 when he entered the tourism industry as a barn hand for a local carriage company. From barn hand, he moved swiftly to carriage tour guide and now has landed as our owner and head guide. 

He believes his job is a joyous profession of revealing Charleston's beautiful but often dark past.



Co-owner & Executive Coordinator

Liz is the behind the scenes mind of the Guild. She is our office guru and brings us all together. 

Liz was born and raised outside of our beloved city, a yankee originally, in the state of CT.  She did manage to find her way down to our gorgeous home in 2015 and has loved it here ever since. 

She started in the tourism industry by working in the carriage industry as a ticket seller, where she fell in love with the mystique and decided to take the steps to help Dustin make the Guild what it is today. 

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The Answers You Need

What should I wear for my tour?

This is a common question for us.  Charleston weather does vary depending on the time of year that you join us, so our recommendation is to be comfortable for outdoor temperatures and moderately paced walking.  All of our tours are designed to be easy to walk and our guides will do the absolute best to accommodate the pace that you need.

How do I leave a review?

We always appreciate feedback on your experience with us.  Feel free to review us on Facebook or Tripadvisor after your experience with us.  We also love direct feedback, if you would like to contact us please use our contact form on the main page of our site or text us at (843).732.3171.

What other attractions would you recommend?

We adore so many aspects of Charleston that it is hard to choose only one or two things to point out.  We always recommend asking your guide for eatery ideas and exploration tips.



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